Religious Objector to Autopsy

The Society for Venturism helps cryonicists with support and advocacy, offers members “Religious Objector to Autopsy” cards, and also provides a Cryonics Assistance Fund that helps with charity cases and is a reserve of money to help suspended members in case something happens to their cryonics organization:

1. Membership:

To be a Venturist full member you must be signed up for cryonic suspension with Alcor, KrioRus or CI and you have to agree to our two principle: to support trying to end death with technology, and to agree to always try to do what is right.

If you are signed up and funded for your own suspension with one of these organizations and if you agree with our two principles let us know and we can add you to our list of members. We hope you’ll be able to pay our 25 dollar annual fee-but if you have hardship let us know.

Otherwise if you agree with our two basic principles and are not signed up yet you can apply for associate membership status.

Contact details:

Society for Venturism
Mark Plus, Secretary: [email protected]
Phone (928) 273-8451
The address (snailmail) is
11255 S. Highway 69,
AZ 86333,

Web Group:

Cryonics Organisations Offering Suspension Services to the Public:

Alcor Life Extension Foundation, 7895 East Acoma Drive, Suite 110, Scottsdale, AZ 85260; 800-367-2228; 480-905-1906; fax: 480-922-9027(fax); [email protected]

Cryonics Institute, 24355 Sorrentino Court, Clinton Township, MI 48035; 586-791-5961; fax: 586-792-7062; [email protected]

KrioRus, Russia::

2. Information about our “Religious Objector to Autopsy” cards is on this page

3. Cryonics Assistance Fund

Donations are collected to help members that are cryopreserved in the event that something happens to their cryonics organization. Funds are also used to help cryonics charity recipients.
4. Cryonics Charity Campaigns:

The Society for Venturism runs cryonics charity campaigns for those who were signed with a cryonics organization and had life insurance set up but lost the funds due to a debilitating disease, or cryonics advocates who are unable to qualify for life insurance due to health problems. If you are interested please contact us. The Society for Venturism has run four charity funds in the past, three of them were successful and one was not. Whenever someone donates to our charity fund the money will go to the cryonics organization that the recipient contracts with, in the event a recipient is not cryopreserved the donation will go to help the next recipient.